Final Fantasy XIV Battle System Changes Coming Soon

In the June installment of the Producer’s Letter, the Final Fantasy XIV development team reveals that it is has been working hard on fixing some of the more serious battle system issues that have kept many players from sticking around.  The letter provides a progress report on upcoming patches, mainly update 1.18 focuses primarily on the auto-attack function, which has been a hot button issue among the player-base since the game’s October 2010 launch.  Also included in the letter is a video displaying some content in development, along with the auto-attack feature.

Here are some more specifics about the battle system changes:

  • Auto-attack functionality will be prioritized in 1.18.

  • Attack motion diversification and fine-tuning are planned for 1.19.

  • Battle classes only will receive auto-attack.

  • The stamina gauge will be abolished with the introduction of auto-attack.

  • Recast timers will be adjusted for certain actions obtained via quests and guild marks whose action costs were managed solely through the stamina gauge.

  • Certain actions dependent on the stamina gauge will have their effects

  • Characters will be made able to switch between passive and active modes
    while moving

  • Multiple attacks during auto-attack is also being planned for the future.

According to the letter, one of the major difficulties in implementing these battle system features includes changes to enmity formulas and rebalancing motions.  Also announced in this month’s update is that work on one raid area has been completed, and will be tested and rebalanced in the near future.

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