Final Fantasy XIV Guildleve Changes

A second installment of the the Producer’s Letter has been posted on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone website regarding more content and fuctional changes coming in 1.18 update.  Along with the previously announced changes to the battle system, the developers are tweaking the Guildleve system, making it more of an option to players, rather than a central part of grinding for experience.  The letter notes that the Guildleve system will be for the casual gamer –  a person with little time on the weekdays to join raids or large parties – and will also include a progression system that triggers special guildleve missions.  Below is a statement from the Producer’s Letter:

We will reposition guildleves as content catering to solo adventurers, which can be enjoyed repeatedly and with minimal time investment and fuss.

Large volumes of quests are being added—now and in future patches—which require adventurers to interact with an NPC. Until you do so, you won’t be able to gauge the quest’s difficulty level. In contrast, Guildleves can be initiated simply by visiting guild counters and aetherytes. Bone-tired after a hard day’s work? Got only a bit of time to spare? Then guildleves are just what the doctor ordered. Being able to get started without delay is without a doubt the biggest selling point of guildleves.

Having said that, we want to avoid boring players to tears with monotony. We recognize the need to add a pinch of spice to the mix, such as a system in which special levequests can be triggered, that borrow inspiration from guildleves.

For additional details, read the letter here.

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