Gates of Andaron: Rise of Gor Update Announced

Today, Gameforge revealed plans to release a patch for their fantasy MMORPG title Gates of Andaron. The update, called Rise Gor is scheduled to launch this September and will enable browser-based gameplay with the Kalydo plug-in. With this patch, a third warring faction, the Kingdom of Gor will be making its debut along with the new mentoring system that allows veteran players to assist newbies, after which the the experienced player will be rewarded once the newbie gets to level 90. Additional details as seen in the official press release follow.

“Gameforge, Europe’s leading provider of free-to-play online games, today announced plans to release an update for its long-running massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), Gates of Andaron. Due this September, the new “Rise of Gor” update will introduce browser-based gameplay using the Kalydo browser plug-in, a third warring faction, and an original mentoring system within the relaunched community site for newbies, expanding the much-loved fantasy MMO.

As part of the update, the kingdom of ‘Gor’ emerges as the long-awaited third faction in the war between Valorian and Derion. Soldiers stand in a constant state of conflict between the opposing kingdoms and must decide whom they will ally with for the continent of Iberia. From level 80, players of the new faction can enter large PvP battles, tipping the balance of power against or for the underdogs in a given battle. Additionally, opposing forces can now hold negotiations for war and peace in large areas.

There’s some content in the update for newbies too: they now begin their adventures in ‘Tebekut.’ The town, as well as its surroundings, will be completely recreated and will offer the most impressive graphics yet. In order to make it easier for players to get into the game, a mentor system will also be introduced: experienced players can accompany fresh players to the game and offer assistance and, as a reward, they will receive a payout when the newbie reaches level 90.

About Gates of Andaron

Gates of Andaron launches players into a centuries old war between the Valorian and Derion kingdoms. Each population has told generation after generation their true history – but now the players are writing their own! The key, which would end the war between the kingdoms, has been concealed within ancient and almost forgotten explanations. For brave adventurers, the task is to bring this truth back from the depths of the years gone by and end the generations-long battle.

Before their journey begins, players have a selection of races to choose when creating their character. Human, feline or fairy – all have unique qualities and offer completely different game experiences. Specializing as a warrior, priest, magician, night walker, evocator or archer, heroes will take part in innumerable stories and quests.

To play Gates of Andaron, all players need to do is follow the simple registration instructions and download the client at the website Players who want to personalize their characters or gain small in-game advantages can purchase the virtual world’s add-ons or exclusive items.”

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