Gimmick or Gamebreaking? Tera’s True Action Combat System

On the Tera blog today, the En Masse devs took time out of their busy day to reflect on the highly anticipated battle system, being touted to MMO gamers as “True Action Combat”.

Reflecting on the olden days of Neverwinter Nights and Everquest, developer Scott James Magner cites that gamers appreciated the flexibility provided in one role, but that idea soon disappeared at the turn of the century with the development of “front-line fighter, a dedicated healer, and efficient damage dealers”. This classification system led to cookie-cutter builds and the requirement that every party have certain Tera classes, subsequently limiting some players’ ability to enjoy content equally.

Magner makes a good point that many “modern” (we must say this with a grain of salt since the concept of MMORPG’s isn’t that old) players are taught to think in the aforementioned terms. And while none of the developers at Tera are claiming that the True Action Combat system is completely original, it is definitely redefining the way gamers will play MMO’s.

Players in Tera will have to own up to their reputation and role in the party. Not only will tanks have to learn how to position themselves to gain the best threat, but damage dealers will have to learn the best sweet spots, distances and weaknesses of enemy mobs. Rather than point and click, healers and support classes will have to pay close attention to the battlefield in order to effectively heal.

In a nutshell: Tera’s battle system will bring a new and different challenge for players, with a focus on skill and knowledge, rather than on gear and numbers. While not completely different in concept, it’s definitely a welcoming change that many are looking forward to.

Article by: Sam Shaw

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