Guild Wars 2 Beta Set for 2011

For those that were hoping GW2 would be set for launch this year better look elsewhere for their MMO fix.  According to Eurogamer, NCSoft has announced that beta testing is set for the last half of 2011.

During a conference call, chief financial officer Jaeho Lee also heavily hinted at a 2012 release for the game.

“Starting from year 2012, we believe substantial growth will be driven by new blockbuster titles like [Blade & Soul] and Guild Wars 2,” announced Lee to investors.

“Also, Guild Wars 2 will go into beta testing stage in the second half of this year,” he added.

The original Guild Wars was a wild success, and game developer ArenaNet is taking its sweet time on the sequel to make sure that it lives up the hype of being one of the most cutting edge MMORPG’s of our time.  Remember, GW2 was announced in 2007, and the anticipation has been building ever since.

But let’s credit the devs for keeping fans informed.  There is no shortage of information and teasers on the GW2 site.  Eurogamer reports more that more than 150 developers have been tapped in GW2, and that’s no laughing matter.

The burning question is, will it be worth the wait?  Will gamers wait 5 years for a follow up to GW?

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