Guild Wars 2: Engineer FAQ

We recently reported on GW2’s announcement of the engineer class, along with’s interview with the dev team.  Apparently, last week’s teaser and introduction has sparked a great deal of debate, with many-a-player looking for deeper answers.  Now, you check out the full details of this interesting new class on the GW2 blog.  Here are a few of the questions that the dev team addresses in its blog:

Q: With Healing Turrets, Med Kits, and defensive skills like Absorb, does the engineer fit the dedicated healer/buff/support role in Guild Wars 2?

A: The engineer is no more a dedicated healer than an elementalist, necromancer, or guardian. The engineer’s healing turret and healing kit are both equipped in the character’s healing skill slot. You then need to consider how powerful each of those abilities are; the Healing Turret, for example, is very similar in power to the ranger skill Healing Spring. Absorbing a projectile is a slightly different version of skills that deflect projectiles, which we’ve seen from other professions. When built properly the engineer is a great support character, but no more so than most of the other professions.

Q: Is the engineer a replacement or a stand-in for the ritualist profession from Guild Wars? Are the play styles of the Ritualist and the engineer similar?

A: We’ve never considered the engineer a replacement or stand-in for the ritualist. While the engineer can adopt a play style that is superficially similar to the ritualist, the engineer is a much more versatile profession.

Check out all the entire FAQ on the GW2 blog.


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