Guild Wars 2 Gives More Game Update Love

Guild Wars 2 is a game being developed by ArenaNet that promises to be one of the hottest MMO RPG releases in some time.  The game has a large following based on its retail success.  The game’s developers have released new tidbits detailing some in-game items and mechanics that are being worked on right now.  These include tool belts, pets, and team combos.

One of the game’s classes, the Engineer, has a tool belt as one of its primary pieces of gear.  The tool belt is the mechanic from which many Engineer abilities are spawned and resides on the F1-F4 keys of the keyboard.  From here, players can launch abilities that affect the player, his comrades, or combinations being thrown by the group.

Another class, Ranger, has the ability to conjure and use pets.  They will have four, two terrestrial and two aquatic.  The Ranger can switch pets during battle and can bring up a replacement if one is knocked out (limited to four total).  Pets are automatically leveled with the owner, so dual leveling is not required in GW2.  Each pet has three basic skills, according to its major family (terran or aquatic), doing special effects according to their ability.

The last thing detailed are combinations in groups.  These are called cross-professional combos and are done when one player initiates it and another (or two or three) in the group continue the combo in sequence.  Illustrated below is one such combo in which an Elementalism (another class) creates an effect, a Warrior (class) reacts in sequence, and the group receives a benefit.

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