Hellgate Open Beta Starts June 30th

Players interested in trying out the revamped Hellgate will have an opportunity to test it next week.  Hellgate Eternity Open Beta begins June 30th, and will be available to both North American and European players.  The beta will give players a chance to play two main features of the game: PVP and the “Cow Room”.  The PVP aspect will feature a dueling area, encouraging party-based PVP combat.  The “Cow Room” will pit player-parties against hordes of zombies and monsters, focusing on teamwork.

There are four special events planned during the beta to celebrate the return of Hellgate, but little is known on what kind of events they are.  However, the events will give players an opportunity to obtain higher tier items, rewards for leveling up, and event currency, TCoins.

The original Hellgate: London was released in 2007 but subsequently shutdown amid a myriad of problems.  Bugs and lack of content were some of the  main issues, and its lack of improvement soon impacted the future of Flagship Studios, the game’s publisher.

Flagship Studios was purchased by HanbitSoft, and a re-launch of the game has been in the works for a couple of years.  Hellgate Eternity will be a free-to-play MMO with microtransactions, available for digital download via the game’s site.

For more information on the game and open beta, check out Hellgate‘s revamped website.

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