Luvinia Online Closed Beta Open

“Outspark’s newest MMORPG, Luvinia Online, has entered closed beta testing today which will run until July 12th.  Luvinia Online is a realm where humans, orcs, gnomes and dwarves once lived in peace, but now are at war with each other.  Hmm, that sounds familiar.  Anyway,the closed beta phase will allow players to select from three main class archetypes and the first set of six subclasses and has content up to level 69.

To help the closed beta along, a few in-game events are planned for the week long CB test phase, which are listed below.

  • Luvster Race – All players who reach level 40 in the game during the closed beta will get a special Panda Rabbit Mount after the closed beta to help them hop along.
  • Bingo Society – Don’t let the name fool you. In this weekly event held on Tuesdays, players must fight monsters to gain pieces of a treasure map that leads players to a bounty of epic loot.
  • Graduation Celebration – As the closed beta draws to an end, the GMs will be in game to have a special graduation celebration with the players to answer questions, spawn monsters, and hold a variety of festive events.

To join the beta if you have a key or for more information about Luvinia Online, head over to the official site.”

Source: MMO Crunch

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