Maple Story Ascension Update Announced

MapleStory Ascension

MapleStory will see another update next week called the Ascension patch.  This will launch on Thursday, September 28th and will bring fresh features to the game for players to delve into.  Content includes:

  • Revamped skins
  • New skills
  • New strengths for warrior, magician, and bowman classes
  • New wedding and party quests
  • New events

Also part of the update is the new Spiegelmann’s Monster Park, where players can team up to tackle the challenges of these new dungeons.  This area includes perks like 50% more XP and increased drop rates. Team players will see the addition of 3 new party quests as well as 6 updated ones. The monster stats in these new adventures are said to have been tweaked to match your team’s level. Plus the rewards awaiting the victors are “more lucrative than ever”.

Finally, the inclusion of an event calendar in the new patch will allow players to keep track of every available event, along with their durations and rewards.



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