Mortal Online Expansion Delayed

The anticipated launch of the Mortal Online: Dawn expansion has taken another hit in development.  A forum post on Mortal’s website, says that release of the expansion could be delayed to June.

The issue consisted of a package in the Unreal Engine doing unnecessary updates, every time a player moved. This package existed since the release of Mortal Online, so once it was tracked down and removed, the performance of the net-code jumped up significantly, coupled with some optimizations we have attained a very significant performance increase and as many say “Better than ever before”.

However, the announcement also included some detailed information on key features of the expansion.  If you are into horticulture, you will now be able to gather “pickable” items like plants, flowers and herbs.  Like to cook?  Dawn will have a very involved cooking system, and you will have to actually be careful of what you eat.  Certain foods will make you sick, and others will be key to enhancing your core abilities and skills.

Oh, and you can’t stuff yourself either, or that will impact your performance on the battlefield too.  The expansion introduces “thirst”, “hunger” and “reserves” meters so you can track when and how much you need to eat.

Enhancements to task management and housebuilding round out the craftsman aspect of this expansion with more news to come soon.  Check out the full details here.

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