NCSoft Buys Mobile App Developer Hotdog Studio

NCSoft, the South-Korean-based MMO developer and publishing giant responsible for games like Guild Wars, Aion, has just purchased Hotdog Studio — a Seoul-based mobile game development studio that focuses on production of smartphone titles such as Dark Shrine, Bartender, Let’s Flair, Tap, and Tap Shooter 2-in-1.

The publisher bought some 58.3 percent of Hotdog Studio’s shares to take control of the developer, which should in turn bolster its smartphone title lineup. NCSoft has previously worked on mobile applications such as Aion Exchange, which lets players manage their Aion characters, inventories, and auctions from their phones.

NCsoft also plans to implement a strong mobile component with its upcoming subscription-free MMO Guild Wars 2, with an application for iOS/Android devices and browsers that allows user chat with others, check real-time maps, etc.  As of the moment, there has been no word of an official release date for Guild Wars 2.

“We are enhancing our ability in [the] smart phone environment for NCsoft’s future,” a representative from the publisher stated, as reported by ThisIsGame. “The acquisition is not M&A but a share investment, which is a part of the business expansion we have worked on for a long time.”

Source: Gamasutra



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