New Chinese Sci-Fi MMO In Closed Beta

Barbily Games has announced that it’s new science fiction-based MMO, Star Supremacy, will be entering closed beta on Monday, September 19th.  A limited number of beta slots will be available free of charge.  Interested players can apply for an account and key on the Star Supremacy website.

The game itself appears to be a mashup between a resource-gathering/trade game (ala Starcraft) and a colonization/warfare (ala Galactica) game.  Players begin with a colony that they can build up as they wish without fear of attack.  Once resources get low or technology gets good enough, however, they will eventually have to move off-planet and once they do so, they are part of the full MMO.

Attacks can take two forms: raids or capture.  Raiding a planet, whether computer or human controlled, means defeating the defenses and taking whatever resources have already been extracted.  Capture means that plus taking ownership of the planet and defending it while continuing to exploit resource nodes.

Combat itself is fleet-based, so is more strategic than first person shooting.  Small additions like capturing enemy commanders (like heroes in most games) can mean rewards as well.

To round off the MMO aspects, the game has various types of equipment, players can join or form alliances, and ships can be assembled to be somewhat customized.  There are quests that can be accepted and completed for rewards and trade routes can be established to create ties of diplomacy and economics.

Overall, it could be a good game.  Some of the promotional graphics appear to be taken from other current games (EVE Online specifically) and the general theme of the game is nothing really new.  It will be a free-to-play (F2P) model, but there is no word on whether it will be available outside of China.

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