New Updates for HOT, SM, and AA

Three popular MMOs have received updates this week.  Starting with Heroes of Thessalonica, then Soul Master and finally a huge addition to ArcheAge.

Heroes of Thessalonica – This game only just launched on August 8th and is already seeing a patch, which includes new mounts, items, and more quest rewards.  Added quests and some bug fixes round out the update.

Soul Master – Mostly popular in Japan, this MMORPG has been given a huge expansion in the wings (coming soon) with patch updates to build up to it.  The game is still new and not yet fully public, but is already gaining a lot of interest and combines console-style gameplay with an MMO.  The new expansion will see more featured instances and cosmetic items added to the game.

ArcheAge – Finally, the biggest news comes with ArcheAge seeing the addition of three new character classes.  The game just completed a closed beta session and may see another one once these additions are done. The three new additions make the total races available in-game 8 – more than most other RPGs.

The new races include another human called Harharan, these from the east – a sort of Japanese thief archetype.

Dwarves have also now been added.  They are basically like Dwarves in nearly all other fantasy RPGs: stubborn, stout, and short.

Warborns are a new race added that are very mysterious and unusual.  They are dragon slayers almost exclusively and appear to be hybrid devil-humans, but no one knows for sure (pictured).


Some nice updates to three new and upcoming games in the MMO RPG world!

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