Rift 1.2 Update Spoils of War, Ascend-a-Friend, and 7-day Free Trial

As if the Ascended didn’t have enough to worry about – protecting the world from otherworldly baddies, battling enemy factions and restoring peace to the world – Telara faithful can add another checkbox to their gaming to-do list. In only its third month on the market, Trion Worlds flagship MMO, Rift, pushed out its most aggressive content update on May 10, 2011, concurrently running a 7-day free trial for potential Telarans and a refer-a-friend program, better known as Ascend-a-Friend

The devs at Trion Worlds must be huge fans of time-travel and the Twilight Zone, because the “Spoils of War” includes a plot layer that explores an alternate Telaran reality, which conveniently opens up 10-person raiding opportunities to gamers. Tweaks to dungeon difficulties and a Looking for Group (Experts) option were also added, with some improvements to dungeon completion rewards.

For the craftmongers in Rift, new crafting specific rifts have been added to obtain rare recipes and crafting currency. Along with some new raid and expert difficulty rifts, the heroes of Telara should have plenty to keep themselves busy.

Not feeling the look of the legendary gear on your toon’s svelt body? No worries, take a stroll to the Mall of Meridian or Sanctum and customize your look! The update gives players wardrobe slot options so you don’t have to look at the backside of that ugly subligar on your Bahmi warrior.

PVP fanatics will laud the improved Warfront rewards and Favor, in addition to adjustments in PVP gear stats.

Along with a major content push, Trion Worlds stayed true to its promise to listen to user feedback, addressing some balance issues between classes. Whether these changes are just one of many to come, or a quick fix, remains to be seen.

Check out the full details on the Rift 1.2 Spoils of War update here

Article by: Sam Shaw

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