Rift 1.3 Update Preview

At E3 today, Trion Worlds gave members of the press an opportunity to try out the upcoming 1.3 update for Rift, titled Waves of Madness.  Here’s a brief synopsis from Massively’s experience with the new 20-person raid:

Waves of Madness will take place over a period of weeks as players from all levels participate to solve this impending crisis.

Interestingly enough, this event won’t be a two-sided struggle but a three-way triangle of madness. As RIFT players know, the six planes aren’t too fond of each other and often are seen at each other’s throats. This time around, the plane of water and the plane of death — blue vs. purple — will be struggling for supremacy as players are caught in the middle. So expect to see a lot of water and death invasions colliding everywhere, and keep an eye on the skies, as the color will change depending on which plane is dominant!

Also included in the 1.3 update will be free server transfers for players wishing to migrate to larger servers or to meet up with friends that have been stuck on other shards.  Players can transfer one character per week.  PVE transfers to PVP shards and vice versa will not suffer any type of penalties.  In addition, Rift will also introduce guild banks and a artifact collection feature.

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