Rift “Create a Colossus” Contest

This week, Trion World announced that deviantArt will be running an art contest to create a big beastly Colossus that will be used to take on in-game players in Rift.  Contestants will need to use one of the in-game elements-Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Death-to design the elite monster.  Winners can win $1,500 USD, a Wacom tablet and other prizes.  Here are a few of the details from the deviantArt site:

Your colossus:

  • Must be based on only one of the six planar themes
  • Must be very large within the scale of the game environment
  • Must be original to you and all elements must originate from you. You cannot copy graphic material from the game.
  • Can be made in any medium as long as you submit it as a JPG or a PNG
  • Can be made using licensed brushes and textures, but you may not use third-party stock in your entry

Entries must be received by June 10, 2011 and submitted through deviantArt’s online contest gallery.  Contestants can submit more than 1 entry, and have to be at least 13 years old.  25 semi-finalists will be selected by deviantArt and 3 finalists will be chosen by the Trion Worlds creative team.  Judging will be based on creativity, originality and technical skill.


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