Rift Nears 1M Units Sold

A recent Gamasutra interview with Trion Worlds Senior Vice President David Reid revealed that its flagship, and first, MMO Rift has cost the company $50M, so far.  However, the publisher is confident that the investment is well worth the risk, and with more than $100M in venture capital at its disposal, Trion Worlds has enough capital to make an aggressive push to compete with developer Blizzard Entertainment and its blockbuster MMO World of Warcraft.

Reid also revealed that in the three months that Rift has been live, Trion Worlds is nearing the 1 million unit-sold mark.  Says Reid:

”These [numbers represent] real people who have bought the client, installed it, paid for it and played the game.”

The 1 million unit mark is an impressive number, but doesn’t tell the entire story on how successful a subscription-based game might be doing.  However, in his interview, Reid expressed a great deal of optimism on the health of the subscriber base:

”We’re really pleased with what we’re seeing. And beyond that, it was a pleasure to see that in the latest Activision Blizzard earnings call, they inquired about Rift when Blizzard announced that their subscriber numbers went from 12 million to 11.4 million.”

When Rift does reach its 1 million milestone, Reid said the purchaser will receive a special prize from Trion Worlds.  Read the full interview on future plans for Rift here.

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