Rift Public Testing for PVP Changes

Today, Trion Worlds announced on the Rift community forums that test servers would be open for players to participate in the upcoming changes in Update 1.3.  The test servers are open to players wishing to check out changes to Warfronts and PVP in general.  More specifically, Trion Worlds is looking for feedback from players on the changes to Valor.

The test server is called the PTS PVP shard and will be open beginning June 14 at 4:30 p.m. PST and running through June 16.  The developers recommend that players wishing to participate should attempt to log-in one hour early to allow for sufficient time to prepare a new character.  Test servers will not have Prestige vendors available for use, and an NPC will teleport new characters to each faction’s main cities.

The event is only slated for a couple of hours per night, and involves player participation in Warfronts.  Initial feedback on the first night of testing has been negative, with a report from the forum moderator that the changes in valor are slowing the pace of Warfronts significantly.

Public testing for changes to Warfronts and Valor come in the wake of a heavily marketed Update 1.3, slated for the end of June.  The update will feature new raids and boss fights, along with some changes to classes.  Read the feedback on the public test forums here.


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