Rise of Isengard Expansion To Be Available in LOTRO Store

Turbine has revealed the point costs for players who wish to use Turbine Points to purchase the soon-to-release Rise of Isengard expansion pack for Lord of the Rings Online.  The pack will become available on its release date for purchase in the Turbine Store.

The breakdown of how much it will cost for each facet of the expansion is as follows:

  • Isengard Expansion Quests – 3,250 TPs, will include over 375 quests and more than 40 deeds for characters levels 66-75 in Dunland, Gap of Rohan, and Isengard.
  • Draigoch’s Lair (raid) – 1,250 TPs will give access to this new raid against the boss Draigoch.  A big 24-man instance.
  • Derudh’s Stone (pocket item) – 995 TPs grants +25% XP on monster kills when equipped. Usable up to level 64.
  • Instances – 1,495 TPs, not available until the next update in December, this adds a 12-man instance, a 6-man instance, and three 3-man instances for Isengard.

So all told, to get the whole shebang, 6,990 Turbine Points for the full upgrade.  Hardcore players should be able to muster that amount.  Points can also be purchased in pre-loaded cards both online and in select game stores nationally.

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