Sony Hit With New Security Breach (again)

Sony Online Entertainment

A new security attack has hit the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment, targeting nearly 100 million accounts and at least 100,000 breached in the latest attack.  These spanned October 7-10 and appear to have been less sophisticated than the one launched earlier this year that compromised millions of SOE accounts.

Attackers ran a program that attempts to guess user passwords.  It went through Sony’s complete account database and was able to get into a confirmed 93,000 accounts, though more are likely.

Sony has been working to restructure its security system after a massive attack and shutdown of all Sony and PSN services earlier this year.  The company’s new head of security, Philip Reitinger, posted on the Sony blog to tell users that a secure password reset for accounts that had a sign-in ID and password match happen in this attempt.

Many SOE accounts have been temporarily shut down and will require verification of account credentials to be reinstated.

The beleaguered company has been battling bad publicity from the earlier attacks and is now facing more.


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