Sony Servers Back Up, But Damage Already Done

After a nearly month long blackout, PS3 users can collectively exhale and log back on to the Sony-based online gaming network. On Saturday, May 14, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) flipped the switch, giving subscribers access to some services.

According to the Washington Post, SOE executive Kazuo Hirai briefly addressed customers in a “Welcome Back” video, along with the following statement:
“The last few weeks have been tough for all of us,” Hirai said. “And please know that we’re doing everything we can to fully restore net services around the world and to regain your trust over the days, weeks and months to come.”
In addition to downloading a pretty hefty system update, PS3 users are required to change their passwords before getting access to available services. Available online services are:

  • Sign-in for PlayStation and Qriocity users
  • Online gaming for the PS3 and PSP
  • Third party services access like Netflix and Hulu
  • PSN friend lists, chat, achievements.

Growing contempt from PS3 users escalated during the 26-day blackout. Extending an olive branch to its customers, SOE is offering a one year identity theft protection subscription and United States PS3 and PSP users can choose two free games, movies or extended subscription services.
But will this be enough to keep PlayStation users from putting their consoles up on ebay and going with a competitor? Time will only tell, if it heals all wounds.

Article by: Sam Shaw


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