Sony Slashes Subscription Prices

Sony Online Entertainment announced today on its Facebook page that it would be cutting prices on its Station Access Pass.  Renamed the SOE All Access Pass, subscribers can pay $14.99 USD and will have the ability to play a cafeteria of video games.

From SOE’s Facebook post:

Why pick just one of our amazing games to play when you can get access to an exciting line-up of all of our most popular titles for one low price? We’ve listened to your feedback and we are happy to announce the launch of the SOE All Access game pass!

Formerly called Station Access, SOE All Access will allow you access to play many of our most popular games including: DC Universe™ Online (PC version), EverQuest® (PC and Mac versions), EverQuest II, EverQuest II Extended – Gold Membership,  EverQuest Online Adventures™ (PlayStation® 2), Pirates of the Burning Sea® – Captain’s Club Membership, PlanetSide®, Star Wars Galaxies™, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes®, Free Realms® (PC and Mac versions) Membership, and Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™ (PC and Mac versions) Jedi™ Membership.

Subscriptions to all these games are available for one low price, and the deal gets even better the longer you subscribe for!

1 Month $19.99 per month*

3 Months $17.99 per month*

6 Months $16.99 per month*

12 Months $14.99 per month*

Sign up for SOE All Access today (! To find out more about SOE All Access check out the F.A.Q ( and our pricing comparison at

Current Station Access customers will automatically be transferred to the SOE All Access game pass. Your monthly rate will be reduced to the new rate, effective the next time you are billed.


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