Star Wars: The Old Republic Data Revealed in Investor’s Call

Information released to investors and stockholders at the Electronic Arts conference call gives insight into the game’s progress so far.  Here are some bulleted highlights:

  • Over 2 million SWTOR units were sold in just over a month
  • SWTOR has 1.7 million active subscribers. “The majority of these subscribers are paying customers already.” Eric Brown
  • Metrics on engagement: 1 million users log in per day staying in game for 4 hours per day
  • Server performance and stability exceeded expectation with 99.5% up time outside schedule maintenance.
  • Grow subscribers with frequent content updates
  • Another major update larger than the first coming in March
  • Q3 2012 fiscal revenues are higher than Q3 2011 driven by the successful launch of SWTOR
  • Net revenue for PC titles, including SWTOR, is up significantly over Q3 2011
  • “Fastest growing subscription MMO in history,” John Riccitiello
  • EA shipped SWTOR units in December that were slated to ship in January, well ahead of schedule, and led to an increase in revenue in Q3 2012
  • SWTOR drove most of the digital increase by Origin
  • 40% of the sales of SWTOR came through Origin, numbers that were not shown in overall numbers of sales until now
  • Increased marketing funds will be spent on SWTOR to take advantage of the momentum of the game’s success to date. Ready to launch a major mass market television campaign and cross promotion with “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D” which comes out in February.
  • “SWTOR will be an important factor in next year’s results (fiscal 2013).” Eric Brown.
  • PvP upgrades and expansion packs in the works
  • Looking at the Asian market, Australian/New Zealand market sales expansion with more information to be released in the coming weeks and months.

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