Steam Suffers Security Breach, Valve Confirms

The Steam website and forums were hacked earlier this week, Valve corporate officials admitted today.  The hack was severe, giving hackers full

access to the website’s database, which includes a lot of sensitive user information.

Valve says that so far, no known breaches of accounts other than a handful in the forums have been noted or reported, but that hackers had full access to the complete database.  This includes usernames, passwords, email addresses, billing addresses, game purchase histories, and encrypted credit card details.

So far, says Valve, no illegal credit card use has been reported and the company is unsure whether the breach included encryption keys or whether the information was even collected by the hackers.  The breach, so far, appears to have only been to access the forums, which have been closed pending the investigation.

All accounts will be required to reset passwords on both the Steam forums and game accounts upon next login.  This makes one more of many game producers that suffered security breaches this year, including Sony Online Entertainment and BioWare.

The official announcement and information from Valve’s Gabe Newell can be found on the Steam forums at this link.



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