SWTOR Releases First Week Statistics

Electronic Arts and BioWare have released statistics from Star Wars: The Old Republic to show its mind-boggling success in its first week of public play.  SWTOR released on December 20 and since then has:

  1. Seen over 60 million in-game hours played, which is equivalent to watching all 6 Star Wars movies over 4 million times (or virtually equivalent to watching every scene with Jar Jar Binks 50 times in a row with your eyelids taped open)
  2. Over 850,000 Sith Warriors have been created.
  3. Over 810,000 Jedi Knights have been created.
  4. Over 260 million quests have been completed in game.
  5. Over 44 million player vs player (PvP) battles have happened in-game (more than double that in forums, with an estimated 400 million uses of the word “noob”).
  6. Over 9 million space combat missions completed.
  7. Over 3 billion NPCs killed.

To put those into some perspective, that 60 million in-game hours is equivalent to 6,849 years and those 1.66 million warriors and knights which is slightly larger than the total active military forces in the United States military (1.48 million).  With 3 billion NPCs killed, that’s equivalent to almost half of the earth’s current human population.


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