SWTOR To Get New Patch

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be seeing a patch update, says BioWare.  The update is coming this week and has several changes.  Most are bug fixes and content tweaks, but some are notable.


  • All Energized, Exotech, and Rakata adrenals and stims now require 400 Biochem for use.
  • The Exotech Medpac is now named “Exotech Med Unit.” Its overall healing has been reduced and is now in line with similar level medpacs, and it temporarily increases the maximum health of its targets. Use of this item now requires 400 Biochem.
  • The amount healed by Rakata Medpacs has been reduced. This item now additionally increases maximum health briefly. Use of this item now requires 400 Biochem.
  • Wynz-Tek grenades now require 400 Cybertech for use.
  • Wynz-Tek Grenades have had their damage reduced to bring them more in line with grenades of similar level.
  • The Wynz-Tek Firestorm grenade’s damage has been reduced to bring it in line with grenades of similar level. It now deals damage every 3 seconds over 12 seconds.


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