Tera Beastiary: Scions of Lok

Today, Tera devs released another teaser for us: a glimpse at another NPC mob, the Scions of Lok.

Federation soldiers report new foes in dark places. Monsters unlike anything they’ve faced before are gathering power and wreaking havoc in the world. In the midst of the faerie uprising in the Fey Forest, reports of dark rituals and cruel sorcerers make their way to Velika. Little is known beyond their name—lokians—but they’re cunning and strong and belong to a group called the Scions of Lok.

These magic based monsters can be found primarily in the Fey Forest, and are extremely well armored.  These ranged attackers use elemental projectiles and AOE spells to keep enemies at bay.

Keeping your distance isn’t a good enough tactic for fighting sorcerers, who specialize in ranged skills. The good news is that many of a sorcerer’s attacks are either slow-moving or only effective in a pre-determined area. In both cases, these attacks rely on you being in the same place you occupied when they were aimed. Don’t be.

Enjoy the Week in Screenshots by En Masse.  You can check out a variety of photos of the Scions of Lok on Tera’s Flickr page, or read up on these beasts on the Tera Online website or more class tips at Tera leveling strategies.


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