Tera Crafting: The Basics

The balance of any in-game economy lies at the feet of the players and their desire to put time in to supplying otherws with viable weapons, armor and enhancements.  So will Tera’s crafting system stray from the beaten path, or stick with the bread-and-butter format?

A recent post on the Tera forums provides would-be subscribers a general overview of the crafting system. Gathering, check.  Mining, check.  Armorcrafting, check.  Item enhancement through alchemy or something similar, check.  Here’s a snippet from the article:

Any character can craft any item, regardless of the item’s intended class. Craft halls in Velika, Allemantheia, and Kaiator sell basic designs and any parts you’ll need. All crafting you do with a skill increases it, but success boosts your skill faster. Refine enough materials for a few items to raise your crafting skill enough to build them. Buy the recipe, learn it, hit your bench, and crank out an item!

It’s sounding like the Tera devs didn’t want to mess up a good thing, choosing to go with the bread-and-better system, rather than a more risky hit-or-miss system.  Getting the best recipes, of course, don’t come from a vendor.  You have to farm monsters for them, and you can “extract” items that are below your levels so you can use the raw materials.  Even the enchanting looks to be the same.

It is a crapshoot to challenge a traditional and successful crafting system, and a definite double-edged sword because devs have to make crafting a viable means to make money and also keep it somewhat challenging and interesting.  Nobody can blame any dev for not changing the system, but it would be nice to see some tweaks to an age-old, and increasingly bland, crafting system. Other than crafting, there are a whole lot of more Tera guides out there to read up on strategies and basics.


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