UFO Online About To Release

A new MMO real-time strategy (RTS) called UFO Online from Gamigo is about to release, the company says.  The turn-based game will release this quarter.

Unlike most turn-based RTSs, however, UFO will not be mostly player versus player (PvP), but will be mainly player vs. environment (PvE) with some PvP included.  The game will be browser-based, but is using the Unity graphics engine and appears to be achieving great results despite the limits of browsers.

The game will utilizing “skill triangles” instead of trees, so player characters will grow in more of a sandbox than in most other games.  The game operates as a sort of first person shooter (in perspective), but relies on strategic elements rather than “shoot to kill” skills.  Players can choose any of three factions in the game.

UFO Online is currently in beta.


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