Wakfu To See New Class and Zone Added

The unusual, even wacky turn-based MMO RPG Wakfu will see some new updates to include a new class, Osmodas Whip, and a new zone, Tofu Canyon.  The game is currently in closed beta and will release in February 2012.  The new class and zone will roll out in beta beginning this weekend.

The Osmodas Whip class is a beast tamer from the World of Twelve.  These tamers utilize their companion, the Gobgob, to capture the souls of enemy creatures and then use them in battle.  The class features a wide array of abilities that range from elemental magic (fire, earth, air) to summoning buff cries.  They can also briefly transform into a dragon.

The Tofu Canyon zone serves as an entry way into the Wakfu and Stasis Islands.  The area is dotted with ancient temples and waterfalls, and features a trainer for the herbalist profession.


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