Rusty Hearts Requiem Update Deploys

The Requiem update for Rusty Hearts has deployed, giving players of this popular hack-and-slash MMO new content including a new playable character.

The new character is Roselle Vergerius (pictured) is a purchasable player character who, like most females in this game, is scantily clad and wielding an overlarge sword.  She’s based on Frantz and is basically a female version of him.  She costs 2500z.

Four new story dungeons have also been added:

  1. Opera House where robust acoustics and sound insulation create plenty of effects for the throngs of minions inside to use.  It’s the first dungeon in the Training Camp and is primarily a showcase dungeon with most creatures being animated circus acts.  The boss is Baron, the “director” of the House.
  2. Catwalks is a Golden Seal Team dungeon set in part of the Opera House which has a lot of chess-based enemies like Nobles, Knights, and so forth.
  3. Gallery is an art gallery traipse filled with illusions and trickster enemies.  The boss is appropriately named the Joker.  Even Batman wouldn’t find him funny.
  4. Ramparts is a fortified stone fort you have to get through in order to confront a fire-breathing bull named Chimera.  Most of the protectors of the Ramparts are the usual castle fare: gargoyles, statues, etc.

Several new, small training dungeons have been added as have new weapons, including sets like Bone Weapons for use in the new Forgotten City training area.

A new raid dungeon called The Altar has also been added.  The Altar of Margoras is a dark energy pool created by the Gatekeeper of Chaos and Destruction.  Enemies basically mass up on you randomly brought in from other dungeons.  The idea is to last as long as possible to gain more with each defeated wave.  Nothing new here, but it isn’t the same every time at least since each wave is random.

Many players had problems with this update, but Perfect World seems to have resolved most of them if the forums are any indication.

Most people consider Rusty Hearts to be the best Perfect World has to offer right now.  It’s an imminently free game with the purchase-ables (outside of player characters) being generally low-cost and not all that effective over in-game items that can be won or bought with gold.

So if you’re looking for a less RPG-ish hack and slasher, this is probably your best free to play choice.  Fair warning, it is in the generalized Manga genre, so if you’re not into that, Perfect World as a whole is probably not going to be your thing.


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