Celebrities in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the undisputed champion of massive multiplayer online (MMO) role playing games (RPG).  It’s got more subscribers and more publicity than any other MMORPG, plus it has more celebrities who’ll cop to being players than any other as well.

Celebrities large and small play WoW, some for real and some just for TV commercials.  Here’s a list of some of the celebs you might have dungeon crawled with and didn’t even know it.

Aubrey Plaza – better known as April Ludgate, one of the stars of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, this actress is not just an underachiever on TV, she’s also a member of the Horde.  Wait.. that didn’t come out right.

Chuck Norris – famous for being Chuck Norris, this megastar became more popular once he stopped making crap movies and started becoming the Republican Party’s unofficial celebrity endorsement machine.  Still, his infamous WoW commercials were, we hear, what he considers the height of his career’s achievements.  Of course, Norris is way too busy going on talk shows to spew politics to actually play WoW in real life.  Which, of course, means the game is still playable for the rest of us, since we all know he’d just kick everyone’s ass anyway.

Jean Claude Van Damme – the short-lived 90s action star made a TV commercial in French for WoW.  It aired in France and Belgium, but not in the U.S.  It’s doubtful that he actually plays the game, but at least he was cool enough to be represented by one of the jive talking members of the Horde.

Mila Kunis – famous for her role in That 70s Show, she is now the real-life main squeeze of Ashton Kutcher.  She dropped a bomb on Jimmy Kimmel Live and then she aced a WoW quiz from Comple Magazine, proving that she actually plays the game and isn’t just making some kind of weird paid endorsement or publicity stunt.  If you didn’t think she was hot before, maybe the fact that she plays WoW and is a huge Trekkie will seal the deal.

Mr. T – had the first of the way cool WoW commercials, featuring his awesome Night Elf Mohawk – made specially for him.  That commercial introduced the Mohawk Grenade to the game, which makes a character temporarily look like a Mr. T. Night Elf.  Sadly, he doesn’t actually play in real life.  He’s too busy helping the childrens, so we cut him some slack.

Ozzy Osbourne – as if you didn’t need another reason for your parents to forbid you from playing WoW, someone decided to make commercials featuring Ozzy as an undead Warlock.  But hey, Wrath of the Litch King was like two expansions ago, so you’re probably good now.  Ozzy doesn’t actually play WoW, of course.  It would interfere with his meds.

Verne Troyer – the hilarious actor  famous for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers series, plays.. you guessed it, a gnome mage.  He’s rumored to be a lot of laughs during game play.

William Shatner – in between his Priceline commercials and various Trek appearances, the Shatner plays a Tauren Shaman.  He has publicly endorsed WoW for years and the toon shown in his TV commercials for the game is based on his actual in-game character.  Rumor has it that his mount is named Enterprise.

Well, there you go.  Those are the celebs publicly outed as being a part of World of Warcraft.

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